Sunday & Wednesday evenings:

Please join us as we study through the book of Revelation

The book of Revelation is the "apocalypse" or revealing of Jesus Christ. It reveals the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in His sovereignty with all power and authority. Just as He promised he would return one day for His People, He also promised that at His Coming every knee will bow and every tongue will confess "Jesus is Lord"!

The  relevance of the book of Revelation, was to John and the Lord's people in the 1st Century, as well as to believers today and every believer until His return. John was told to show everything that was revealed to the Lord's servants, who were then and are now, facing many  difficulties. The Lord reminds and reveals to His people that their present struggles and suffering in this world cannot be compared to the glory that awaits us when He returns for us! John reminds us that our confidence is not in culture, nor in man, but in Christ alone. 

Join us as we study  through the book of Revelation, learning together how to:

1. Know the power of the Gospel (through the indwelling Holy Spirit)

2. Proclaim the Gospel (our confidence is in Christ) 

3. Actively awaiting our Lord's return as promised by the Gospel (Boldly reminding each other and the world --"to be ready!")

Service Times & other weekly events


9:30 am / Small Group Bible Study (Sunday School)

10:45 am / Sunday Morning Worship Gathering


6:00 pm / Undefeated Youth

6:30 pm / Kids Avenue (K-5th)

6:30 pm / Prayer Meeting Small Group