Current Sunday AM Sermon Series

We spent a whole year studying the book of Mark. Now we are moving on to the book of Acts. As we have already seen, Jesus was promised, born of a virgin, empowered by the Spirit, walked in perfect obedience to His Father in heaven, lived among the people of earth, served humbly, healed miraculously, taught constantly and loved endlessly. He lived a perfect life although tempted like us. But instead of being celebrated for his life and actions, he gave his life away for us. 

He is the Lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice, the substitute for sin, the wrath absorber, the lover of our souls, the Savior of man, and through his death we have peace with God. He was dead and buried, but the same spirit that empowered his ministry raised him to life on the third day. He appeared to many, commissioned the church, and promised to send the Holy Spirit before ascending into heaven. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John recount his life and works, but we see in the book of Acts that was merely volume 1 ... His work continues. 

The book of Acts is the account of Christ's work continuing through His church. A church empowered by the Holy Spirit to take the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome ... to the ends of the earth. 

Service Times & other weekly events


9:30 am / Small Group Bible Study (Sunday School)

10:45 am / Sunday Morning Worship Gathering


6:00 pm / Kids on Mission begins June 21st! 

6:00 pm / Undefeated Youth

6:30 pm / Prayer Meeting Small Group