Current Sunday AM Sermon Series

Along with 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus is part of the Pastoral Epistles. But that doesn’t mean it’s only beneficial to those who lead the church. In Titus we will see what a healthy church and her leaders look like. We will also see how a healthy church is made up of members who deeply love Jesus and are growing in godliness. Sections of Titus are going to be intensely practical for us. As one of my friends says, “The ideas are going to come down from the clouds theory and sink teeth into us”. And we need that. It’s only when the church is healthy and thriving inside that it’s witness will make an impact in the public arena. And that’s a goal for the church. Our beliefs create our behavior, enabling us to be a blessing to all people and for God’s glory! 

Service Times & other weekly events


9:30 am / Small Group Bible Study (Sunday School)

10:45 am / Sunday Morning Worship Gathering


6:00 pm / Undefeated Youth

6:30 pm / Kids Avenue starts back Aug. 16 (K-5th)

6:30 pm / Prayer Meeting Small Group